We are system integrators, specialising in offshore and maritime communications, monitoring and control systems.

Whether building new infrastructure or upgrading current networks, we are ready to take full ownership of your solution – from start to finish.

We can handle all stages of a project – from design and engineering to delivery, installation and maintenance. As your single point of contact, we make sure that all components work together to provide an effective communication between offshore and onshore facilities. More than that, we can cover the entire life cycle of your communications system as your service and maintenance partner.

​Design and engineering

We build fully integrated communications systems for offshore and maritime operations, based on latest technologies from leading suppliers.

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Installation and quality control

We test and install communications systems offshore, ensuring all components run safely and according to project specifications.

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Service and maintenance

We are always on duty, offering 24/7 support and preventive maintenance, covering offshore facilities in the North Sea and beyond.

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Offshore and maritime expertise:

"We install, test and maintain ​

our solutions offshore,
partnership with our clients."

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