Fiber Solutions

We install data cable systems in offshore facilities, based on the latest standards, either fiber optic or copper cabling.

As the demand for high-speed offshore networks continues to increase, fiber cabling has become a vital technology for offshore installations. Especially with fiber optic technology, we can deliver a high-capacity network with minimal latency – allowing for real-time data to flow between offshore and onshore sites.

We deliver turnkey solutions, covering design, engineering, installation and maintenance of fiber cable systems. We have a proven track record of delivering cable connectivity between onshore and offshore facilities as well as facilities in a cluster, especially in the North Sea. We also specialise in detecting and repairing faults and breaks in cable connections.

Technical features:

  • Cable communications systems: fiber optics or copper
  • Built-in redundancy

Turnkey solutions:

  • ​​Design and engineering: on-site survey, capacity analysis, license and product acquisition, detailed drawings according to industry standards and more.
  • Installation: cabling, patch panels, splice of fibers, measurements and documentation, factory acceptance testing, full documentation and training of staff.
  • Service and maintenance: 24/7 support and on-site technical assistance (incl. cable fault finding) and system monitoring.

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