Design and engineering

We design fully integrated communications systems for offshore and maritime operations.

Our solutions are based on latest technologies and 30 years’ experience from the offshore sector. We know how to secure maximum uptime in harsh offshore environments and meet the ever-increasing demand for network capacity, security and resiliency.​

Key benefits:

Design according to client specifications 

We always work in close partnership with our clients to design customized solutions that can meet both current and future system requirements. Depending on client needs, we can build a completely new system from scratch or upgrade existing infrastructure.

Strong network of leading suppliers 

We can also manage the acquisition of products and systems from leading suppliers. As we have no exclusive supply agreements, we are free to choose the system that is best suited for the project.​


Specialists with “hands-on” experience

Our engineers are highly experienced in managing the installation, maintenance and service of systems offshore. They know, in detail, how offshore facilities operate and can therefore foresee risks and impacts that the design needs to tackle to provide a future-proof solution.

Proven track record
We have successfully designed and installed several communications, monitoring and control systems offshore, primarily in the North Sea, but also in other parts of the world. We undertake both project engineering, with detailed design specifications, as well as commission work.

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