Operation Technology

We monitor and maintain OT systems for offshore customers, ensuring high availability and protection against operational disruptions and security threats.

Our services cover data network security analysis, detailed design according to industry standards (e.g. ISO27000 / OT: IEC 62443) and management of IT/OT convergence projects.

Interoperability between IT and OT systems brings great advantages, such as increased access to valuable business data, more flexible control systems and new opportunities for IoT solutions. However, the integration also requires new systems and security standards to protect OT systems from cyber-attacks and operational disruptions.

Building on our 30 years’ experience as telecommunications specialists, we help leading offshore companies overcome the challenges of IT/OT convergence. We can take the lead in securing an effective system integration, without disrupting critical services or causing an increase in data security vulnerability.

Technical features:

  • OT systems: SCADA, ESD, F/G, ICS, IoT
  • Built-in redundancy

Turnkey solutions:

  • Design and engineering: IT/OT network design with detailed drawings according to industry standards, including IT: ISO-27001 and OT: IEC 62443.
  • Installation: external quality control, full documentation and training of staff.
  • Service and maintenance: 24/7 support, system monitoring, upgrades, data network security analysis and more.

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