Installation and quality control

We install communications systems offshore, in accordance with industry standards.

We know the importance of getting it right the first time and do not leave before we can verify that all components work together according to project specifications. 

Key benefits:

Highly qualified team of offshore specialists

Our team of engineers are all experienced in working offshore and understand the complexities of offshore operations. They are equipped to solve unforeseen challenges effectively and will ensure that nothing of the installation is left incomplete.

In-house Factory Acceptance Testing

We have the facilities to perform in-house Factory Acceptance Tests. We also design and pre-manufacture telecom cabinets. We are therefore able to test our designs before installing them offshore – saving our clients both time and money as we proactively minimise the risk of system failures.

Strict quality control procedures

We can employ external, independent quality control procedures on all our designs and will present our clients with full documentation and status reports throughout the design and installation process.

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